June 17th, 2017

Shotgun: 12:30pm
Registration: 11:00am
Cost: $70 per person
Dinner, Auction/Raffle: All players get dinner after tournament, if you aren't playing and would like to eat there is a $10 donation fee.


About Our Tournament

As a family we have decided that we would also like to support those in the Tri-Cities region battling cancer as well as the Multiple Myelomia Research Foundation. The Tri City Cancer Center was a huge part of helping Leon during his fight and we want to help them continue to help others as they did Leon. So this year we will also be donating a portion of our raised funds to the Tri Cities Cancer Foundation.

Without you we could not sending the foundation what we do, and because of you they are making progress in finding a cure!

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Without you we couldn't make a difference.

  1. Al Garcia Family
  2. Alley Family
  3. Richland High Class of 56
  4. Richland High Class of 79
  5. D. Hittle & Associates
  6. Friends of Leon Parnell (Paul and Bridgett)
  7. Gas Light Bar and Grill
  8. Grade Family
  9. In Memory of Ted and Pat
  10. Jessica Parnell Graphic and Web Design
  11. Kim Fetrow Photography
  12. The Mint Salon
  13. Parnell Family
  14. Pringles Power Vac
  15. Spink Engineering
  16. Spudnut Shop
  17. The Heidelberg Family
  18. The Keith Parnell Family
  19. Total Energy Management
  20. Tri City Football Officials
  21. VanWA Productions
  22. ZipFizz
  23. Desert Zebras Officials
  24. Tumwater Fire Department